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Sunday, March 11, 2018


Sunday, March 11, 2018

Life is Better at Grace Central where Darius Brooks is the Senior Pastor.  This Sunday 1st Lady Deborah Brooks taught an awesome word coming from Proverbs 16:5 and 8, I Peter 5:5-8 and Proverbs 6:16-19.  

Topic: “I Want to be a Builder, Not a Buster!”

 1st Lady Brooks shared:

There are things in life that either Build up or Bust up our power, our strength, our fellowship with God and with others.

The Builder is Humility.  The Buster is Pride.

Part of the problem with pride is that it is easy to see in Other people, but hard to see in Ourselves.

It's a strong possibility you are operating in pride if you are displaying the following SYMPTOMS;

1.   You have a spotty prayer for your life,
2. You are weary,
3. You are angry,
4. You are always critical.
5. You take credit for success accomplishment or financial prosperity rather than realizing that you only have these things due to God's mercy and gracious provision.
6. You are impatient.  You don’t want to listen, wait, serve or be led by someone else.
7. You compare.
8. You play the blame game.
9. You are stubborn.
10. You choose to exclude GOD.

Pride hurts us in 4 ways.

1.  Opens door to other sins
2.  Prevents us from personally growing.
3. Poisons our relationships.
4. It makes growing a relationship with GOD impossible.

The 411 on Humility

The word “humility” has often given a bad rap.
Humble people are often thought of as doormats and people with self-esteem problems.
But that’s not Biblical humility.
Humble people are not people who are always putting themselves down.
Humble people don’t have inferiority complexes. They are not weaklings.
To the contrary, humble people are strong—secure in who God made them.
In fact, humility is the mark of emotionally HEALTHY people.
Whereas pride is the mark of emotionally INSECURE people.
Humility is not about convincing ourselves that we are unattractive or that we are incompetent.
It’s not about beating ourselves up or trying to make ourselves into nothing. 
Humility has to do with a kind of submitted willingness;
It is not thinking less OF yourself, it is a controlled strength.

2 basic ways to beat pride

1.  Always give GOD the glory!
2. Embrace humility.

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And always remember:

" What I don't win with, I learn from, but I never lose."  (Senior Pastor Darius Brooks)