Our Purpose 
To promote the interest of the Kingdom of God by Evangelizing the unsaved and by fostering the spiritual edification of its members through the Gospel as foreshadowed in the Old Testament and as set forth in the New Testament.   
To present the Word of God in an understandable, practical, real world 
view to enable everyone to apply God's principles to their everyday lives. 
What We Believe
The Bible is the inspired Word of God. 
The Pastor is our spiritual leader.
Each one of us will have to give an account of ourselves to God.
Salvation through Jesus Christ the Son of God.
Baptism and Holy Communion.
How You Can Help 
Join us for our next Worship Service or Life Application Class.  You can also volunteer your time and service to our church to aid in promoting salvation thoughout the community and the world.  For volunteer opportunities, please call the church at 708-344-5020 or email the church at Info@GraceCentral.net. 
Also, donations to Grace Central can be made by utilizing the Donation button on our 'Home Page' or by mailing a check or money order to the church's administrative offices in Westchester, IL. 
Thank you for your support of Grace Central Church!  
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